Fluffy Rainbow Gang

Cookie Cookie
Cookie likes to take naps and he sometimes toots. He is very shy, but when he meets you he will be really happy.
Nico Nico
Nico is not that nice to chickens. She will sometimes sing quietly, but she never talks otherwise.
Squirt Squirt
Squirt is Nico's boyfriend. He is always saying "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!"
Mo Mo
Mo is a very active creature. He loves to play games and get into lots of mischief.
Ming Ming
Ming is a very happy fellow. He tries to solve problems, but when he gives up, he does something funny.
Mr. Feather Mr. Feather
Mr. Feather likes to tickle people and make them laugh so loud that they snort. He likes being at parties. He can only tell jokes... and that is it.
By Emily O'Donnell